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Vixen offers very good mounts for astrophotography, Polarie - the air travel mount, eyepieces - here you find everything.

The most important product groups:


 Vixen / Mount Accessories - Other  
273,11 EUR*

Vixen Polar Finder Pf-L II Set for Polarie U Mount
157,98 EUR*

Vixen AP manual fine movement module
12,52 EUR*

Vixen Clamping lever for use with AP modules
100,00 EUR*

Vixen AP mount base
234,45 EUR*

Vixen AP Star Tracker Transportable Set
 Vixen / Mount Control & Electronics  
483,19 EUR*

Vixen RA Motor and STAR BOOK ONE Controller for AP Mount
instead 251,26 EUR
only 234,45 EUR*

Vixen #25805 Declination Motor for Advanced Polaris Mount
 Vixen / Mounts Azimutal without GoTo  
273,11 EUR*

Vixen Porta II mount - Altazimuth mount with fine adjustment
289,92 EUR*

Vixen HF2 Fork Mount for Binoculars, Spotting Scopes & Telescopes
192,44 EUR*

Vixen Mobile Porta azimuthal mount
520,17 EUR*

Vixen AP-Z azimuthal Mount with Slip Clutch
 Vixen / Mounts Equatorial with GoTo  
2.478,15 EUR*

Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Mount with Star Book Ten and PFL Polar Scope
6.301,68 EUR*

Vixen AXJ GoTo mount with Control Interface STARBOOK TEN
4.032,77 EUR*

Vixen SXP2 equatorial GoTo Mount with Belt Drive
8.402,52 EUR*

Vixen X000103 AXD 2 Mount with Starbook TEN
1.486,55 EUR*

Vixen SX2 equatorial mount with Star Book One controller
 Vixen / Mounts Equatorial without GoTo  
instead 755,46 EUR
only 668,07 EUR*

Vixen Advanced Polaris AP Mount - modular mounting concept
 Vixen / Newtonians other  
1.511,76 EUR*

Vixen R200SS Newtonian Telescope OTA
251,26 EUR*

Vixen R130Sf Newtonian Telescope 130/650 mm OTA
 Vixen / Other telescope accessories  
29,41 EUR*

Vixen #3870 handle for tube clamps - for easy transport
 Vixen / Power Supply  
20,17 EUR*

Vixen cigarette lighter connection cable for Vixen controllers
18,49 EUR*

Vixen Cigarette Lighter Connector Cable for Vixen GoTo Controls
 Vixen / Roof Prism Binoculars  
251,26 EUR*

Vixen 14513 - Binoculars New Foresta 8x42 DCF - 42 mm Aperture - 8x
494,96 EUR*

Vixen 14518 - Binoculars New Foresta 8x56 DCF - 56 mm Aperture - 8x
242,86 EUR*

Vixen 14515 - Binoculars New Foresta 10x42 DCF - 42 mm Aperture - 10x
167,23 EUR*

Vixen 14512 - Binoculars New Foresta 10x32 DCF - 32 mm Aperture - 10x
335,29 EUR*

Vixen 14516 - Binoculars New Foresta 10x50 DCF - 50 mm Aperture - 10x
335,29 EUR*

Vixen 14517 - Binoculars New Foresta 8x50 DCF - 50 mm Aperture - 8x
 Vixen / Telescope Attachment - more  
125,21 EUR*

Vixen universal top plate DX for GP/GPX/Sphinx mount
74,79 EUR*

Vixen 35526 Quick Release Angle Plate for Polarie
335,29 EUR*

Vixen AXD Aufsatzplatte für die Befestigung von Guiding Teleskopen
 Vixen / Telescope Bags & Cases  
52,10 EUR*

Vixen Carrying Bag for Porta II Mount
545,38 EUR*

Vixen Case for GoTo Mount SXP2
78,15 EUR*

Vixen carrying bag - for safe transport
 Vixen / Travel mounts for astro imaging  
352,10 EUR*

Vixen POLARIE Star Tracker - Nachführung für Sternfotografie
503,36 EUR*

Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker Travel Mount for Astrophotography
 Vixen / Tripods Piers Polar Wedges  
231,93 EUR*

Vixen SXG HAL-130 aluminium tripod for Sphinx and SX mounts
167,23 EUR*

Vixen Half-pillar for Sphinx & Sphinx Deluxe - Height 25.6cm
57,98 EUR*

Tripod Head Adapter - 1/4" Photo Tripod Connector for Vixen Tripods
167,23 EUR*

Vixen AL-130-SP Field Tripod 90-130cm for Skypod Mount
125,21 EUR*

Vixen #25126 half pillar for Skypod mount
276,47 EUR*

Vixen GP DX HAL-110 70-110cm aluminium tripod
130,25 EUR*

Vixen 35519 Polar Fine Adjustment Unit for Polarie
209,24 EUR*

Vixen APP-TL130 Tripod for AP, Porta, GP and fork mount from Vixen
209,24 EUR*

Vixen Stativ M-155MA # 35523 Photo Tripod with precise Polar Alignment for Polarie
1.420,17 EUR*

Vixen AXD TR95 Aluminium Tripod for the AXJ mount
449,58 EUR*

Vixen ASG CB90 Carbon Tripod for AXJ and SX Mounts
 Vixen / Tube Rings  
335,29 EUR*

Vixen VSD Tube Rings with Attachment Plate for SX Mounts

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