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 -TS Accessories / Target Shooting .. Accessories  
30,00 EUR*

Teleskop-Service Gift Voucher - 30 Euros value
50,00 EUR*

Teleskop-Service Gift Voucher - 50 Euros value
 -TS Accessories / Eyepieces ... 1.25" up to 52°  
188,79 EUR*

TS-Optics 1.25" Eyepiece Set with Filters and Adapter - 12 Items in Metal Case
115,52 EUR*

TS-Optics 1.25" Eyepiece Set with Barlow Lens and Filters - 8 Items in Metal Case
 -TS Accessories / Cleaning Tools  
instead 10,30 EUR
only 6,89 EUR*

TS-Optics Optical Soft Microfibre Cleaning Cloth and Bag, 26x24 cm
 -TS Accessories / Accessories ... Various offers  
instead 145,69 EUR
only 132,76 EUR*

TS-Optics ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector
11,12 EUR*

30,17 EUR*

Illumination for finder scopes and crosshair eyepieces
30,09 EUR*

TS-Optics Tube Handle and Carrying Handle for your Telescope
33,62 EUR*

TS-Optics Tube Handle, Carrying Handle and Camera Holder for your Telescope
47,41 EUR*

TS-Optics Light Shade for the Baffle Tube of 10" RC Telescopes
56,03 EUR*

TS-Optics Light Shade for the Baffle Tube of 12" RC Telescopes
76,72 EUR*

TS-Optics Light Shade for the Baffle Tube of 14" and 16" RC Telescopes
6,81 EUR*

TS-Optics rubber eyecup - for 37 mm to 38 mm outer diameter
27,11 EUR*

Petzl Tikka Outdoor Headlamp, red or white light switchable
21,47 EUR*

Petzl Core Rechargeable Battery for Headlamp
19,83 EUR*

TS-Optics dimmable LED Flashlight with red and white light
instead 33,62 EUR
only 25,78 EUR*

TS-Optics Iris Diaphragm, continuously adjustable from 2 to 28 millimetres
125,00 EUR*

Astro chair from TS - made of wood - height adjustable
30,09 EUR*

TS-Optics anti-reflective paint - matt black 150 ml
 -TS Accessories / Telescope Collimation and Test  
instead 42,24 EUR
only 37,84 EUR*

Ronchi eyepiece - evaluate the optical quality of your telescope with a star
 -TS Accessories / Accessories ... Various offers  
80,09 EUR*

Telrad & Deep Sky Reiseatlas - optimal for searching objects, almost like GoTo
14,14 EUR*

TS-Optics red acryl glass pane for Notebook and PC - 215 x 140 mm
23,23 EUR*

TS-Optics red acryl glass pane for Notebook and PC - 360 x 270 mm


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