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Teleskop Service offers TeleVue eyepieces like Nagler , APO Refractor telescopes and more to very attractive prices and the best possible service.

APO Refraktor Telescopes
Apochromatic Refractors for observing and photography

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4-element PEZVAL APOs
Imaging System for Astrophotography

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Plössl Eyepieces
High Contrast with a smaller field

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1,25" wide angle eyepieces
DELOS Nagler Ethos Panoptik

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2" wide angle eyepieces
Plössl Panoptik Nagler Ethos

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Zoom Eyepieces
Nagler Zoom for high magnifications

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Barlow Lenses
Powermate and classic barlow lenses

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 TeleVue / Motorfocus  
650,42 EUR*

TeleVue 1 Micron Digital Idicator Kit for 2.4" Focusers
484,87 EUR*

TeleVue 10 Micron Digital Idicator Kit for 2.4" Focusers
 TeleVue / Mounts ... Alt-Azimuth  
798,32 EUR*

Tele Vue Panoramic Advanced Mount - with ash wood tripod
1.600,84 EUR*

Tele Vue Panoramic Advanced Mount - ash wood tripod and Sky Tour computer included
 TeleVue / Photo Swanband Nebular Filters  
169,75 EUR*

TeleVue Bandmate NebuStar Filter 2 inch
 TeleVue / Prisms & Diagonals  
155,46 EUR*

293,28 EUR*

Tele Vue DEP-8003 2" 90-deg Star Diagonal - 96% enhanced aluminium coating
281,51 EUR*

214,29 EUR*

208,40 EUR*

Televue 2" Star Diagonal 90°
instead 368,91 EUR
only 327,73 EUR*

Tele Vue DDP-8004 Everbrite 2" 90-deg Star Diagonal - 99% enhanced aluminium coating
 TeleVue / Reducers Converter Correctors  
365,55 EUR*

Tele Vue RFL- 4087 0.8x reducer/flattener
255,46 EUR*

TeleVue Large Field Corrector LCL-1069 for NP apochromats from TeleVue
331,93 EUR*

TeleVue 0.8x Flattener/Reducer TRF-2008 up to 600 mm focal length
instead 589,08 EUR
only 529,41 EUR*

TeleVue VIP-2010 - Paracorr Coma Corrector - for f/6 to f/3 Newtonian Telescopes
1.142,86 EUR*

TeleVue VIP-3010 - BIG Paracorr Type-2 - 3" Newtonian Coma Corrector, up to f/3
335,29 EUR*

Tele Vue 0.8x Photographic Reducer for Flatfield Apos
252,10 EUR*

Tele Vue PSB-1100 Paraboloid Corrector for SBIG STL
247,90 EUR*

Tele Vue RNP-4054 0.8X Focal Reducer for NP101 & NP127
 TeleVue / Solar Filters for white light  
33,53 EUR*

TeleVue SolSearcher - save way to center the sun in the telescop
24,29 EUR*

Tele Vue finder shoe adapter for Sol Searcher
 TeleVue / Special Adapters for Astrophotography  
32,77 EUR*

Tele Vue T2 Adaptation for Flattener and Paracorr Universal
28,57 EUR*

55,46 EUR*

TeleVue CWT-2070 Adapter for Canon EOS
51,26 EUR*

76,47 EUR*

33,53 EUR*

54,62 EUR*

T-2 adaptation for 1.25" Powermates 2.5x and 5x
63,03 EUR*

TeleVue PTR 2200 T2 Adaptation for the 2" 2x Powermate
63,03 EUR*

T2 Adaptation for the 2" 4x Powermate
 TeleVue / Spotting Scopes for Imaging  
2.149,58 EUR*

Tele Vue 76mm f/6,3 APO refractor telescope complete ivory
2.602,52 EUR*

TeleVue 85mm f/7 Apo Refractor - 10:1 Micro Transm. IVORY
1.717,65 EUR*

Tele Vue Apo 76/480 mm - OTA and Carrying Case, evergreen finish
 TeleVue / Telescopes with field corrector  
7.882,35 EUR*

TeleVue NP127is Imaging System 127 f/5,2 Nagler Petzval APO
4.369,75 EUR*

TeleVue NP101is Imaging System, Nagler-Petzval Apo 101 mm f/5.4
7.882,35 EUR*

TV-NP127fli - 127 mm, f/5.3 APO Astrograph Refractor (Nagler-Petzval)
 TeleVue / Tube Rings  
163,87 EUR*

Tube ring for TeleVue 101, 102
130,25 EUR*

310,08 EUR*

TeleVue 5" Mounting Ring Set for NP127is
255,46 EUR*

Tele Vue 4" Mounting Ring Set for NP101 and NP101is


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