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instead 6.633,62 EUR
only 6.033,62 EUR*

Skywatcher ESPRIT-150ED Apochromat - Starlight 3.5" Feather Touch
instead 5.474,14 EUR
only 5.133,62 EUR*

Skywatcher Esprit 150 mm f/7 Triplet Apo - Starlight 3" Feather Touch
1.168,10 EUR*

Skywatcher Esprit-80 ED - 80 mm F/5 FPL53 Triplet Apochromat Refractor
1.775,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Esprit-100 ED - 100 mm F/5.5 FPL53 Triplet Apochromat Refractor
2.047,41 EUR*

Skywatcher ESPRIT-100ED with 3" Rack-And-Pinion Focuser
2.469,83 EUR*

Skywatcher Esprit-120 ED - 120 mm F/7 FPL53 Triplet Apochromat Refractor
4.792,24 EUR*

Skywatcher Esprit-150ED Triplet Super Apo Telescope


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