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Dobsonian Telescopes
Dobsonians John Dobson would love and GoTo Dobsonians with tracking

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GoTo Telescopes
Telescopes with automatical positioning - azimutal and parallactic mode

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German equatorial mounts
Mounts for travelling, astrophotography and observatories

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 Skywatcher / Special Offers - Telescopes  
1.214,29 EUR*

Used: Skywatcher Skyliner-350P Flextube Dobsonian Telescope
162,93 EUR*

Used: Skywatcher Evostar-90 on EQ2 - Refractor Telescope with many Accessories
 Skywatcher / Spotting Scopes for Astronomy  
309,48 EUR*

Skywatcher Skymax 127T OTA - 127/1500mm Maksutov Cassegrain scope tube
116,38 EUR*

Skywatcher Startravel-80 OTA - Rich Field Refractor 80/400 mm
171,55 EUR*

Skywatcher StarTravel 80 AZ3 complete telescope - rich field fiewing
 Skywatcher / T2 M48 and C-Mount Bayonet  
23,19 EUR*

TS-Optics T Ring from M48 Filter Thread to Nikon F Mount
20,60 EUR*

TS-Optics T Ring from M48 filterthread to Sony / Minolta A Bayonet
20,60 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics T Ring from M48 Filterthread to Canon EOS Bayonet
 Skywatcher / Telescope Bags & Cases  
85,34 EUR*

Skywatcher Aluminium Case for 100/900 mm Evostar ED100 Refractor
85,34 EUR*

Skywatcher Aluminium Case for 80/600 mm Evostar ED80 Refractor
164,66 EUR*

Skywatcher Aluminium Case for 120/900 mm Evostar ED120 Refractor
102,59 EUR*

Skywatcher Aluminium Case for Skymax 150 & Celestron C6 OTA
instead 42,24 EUR
only 33,53 EUR*

Skywatcher Padded Bag for compact telescopes, telephoto lenses and other photo equipment...
280,17 EUR*

Skywatcher Transport Case for EQ8 , EQ8-R and EQ8-RH with Wheels
 Skywatcher / Telescope Making - Optical parts  
133,62 EUR*

Skywatcher parabolic newtonian mirror 150 / 750 mm - f/5
instead 90,52 EUR
only 85,34 EUR*

Skywatcher parabolic main mirror 114 / 500 mm
instead 409,48 EUR
only 388,79 EUR*

Skywatcher achromatic refractor objective, 150/1200mm
133,62 EUR*

Skywatcher parabolic newtonian mirror 150 / 1200 mm - f/8
 Skywatcher / Telescope Making ... mechanical parts  
47,41 EUR*

Skywatcher Steel Tube for Self-Construction of an 8" f/4 Newtonian Telescope
68,10 EUR*

Skywatcher adjustable primary mirror cell for 8" Newtonian mirror
 Skywatcher / Telescopes for Astronomy  
103,42 EUR*

Skywatcher Mercury-707 AZ2 / complete beginner´s telescope
 Skywatcher / Telescopes with field corrector  
1.288,79 EUR*

Skywatcher Explorer MN 190mm f/5.3 - Maksutov Newtonian Telescope OTA
 Skywatcher / Tube Rings  
145,69 EUR*

Skywatcher CNC tube rings for telescopes with 155 mm tube diameter


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