Skywatcher Telescopes and astronomical accessories

Skywatcher telescopes and accessories from Synta, offered by Teleskop Service a leading astro dealer - that´s a great selection, very competitive prices and first class service and advice - from entry level telescopes to fully equipped amateur telescopes.

The most important product groups:


 Skywatcher / Telescope Making ... mechanical parts  
66,39 EUR*

Skywatcher adjustable primary mirror cell for 8" Newtonian mirror
 Skywatcher / Telescopes for Astronomy  
180,67 EUR*

Skywatcher Skyhawk-114 on EQ1 - Beginner Telescope 114/1000mm
121,85 EUR*

Skywatcher Mercury-707 AZ2 / complete beginner´s telescope
 Skywatcher / Travel mounts for astro imaging  
268,07 EUR*

Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Photo Pack - travel mount for astrophotography
335,29 EUR*

Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi travel mount - Telephoto Set
215,13 EUR*

Star Adventurer MINI Wi-Fi (SAM Photo Set) - travel mount
297,48 EUR*

Star Adventurer MINI Wi-Fi (SAM Astro Bundle) - travel mount
 Skywatcher / Tripods Piers Polar Wedges  
70,59 EUR*

Half pillar for Skywatcher EQ6 - length: 22 cm - white
281,51 EUR*

Skywatcher Pier for EQ6, EQ6-R, AZ-EQ6 or Celestron CGEM Mounts
281,51 EUR*

Skywatcher Pier for EQ5, HEQ5, AZ-EQ5 or Vixen GP Mounts
92,44 EUR*

Skywatcher Telescope Mount Extension 16inch for EQ5, HEQ5, Vixen GP ...
67,23 EUR*

Skywatcher equatorial polar wedge for Star Adventurer - precise polar alignment
189,08 EUR*

Skywatcher Stainless Steel Tripod for EQ6, AZ-EQ6 and CGEM mounts
147,06 EUR*

Skywatcher field tripod with polar adjustment for Star Adventurer
70,59 EUR*

Skywatcher Extension Tube for AZ-EQ5 GoTo Mount
29,41 EUR*

Skywatcher Tripod Extension Tube for AZ5 mount
74,79 EUR*

Skywatcher Tripod for Star Adventurer, AZ5, Pronto and AZ-GTI mount
894,96 EUR*

Skywatcher Pier Tripod for EQ8 and EQ8-R Pro Synscan Goto Mounts
 Skywatcher / Tube Rings  
142,02 EUR*

Skywatcher CNC tube rings for telescopes with 155 mm tube diameter

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