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 Losmandy / Mount Acc .. Motors & Drives  
1.175,63 EUR*

Losmandy Gemini 2 Upgrade Kit for all Losmandy GoTo Mounts
1.874,79 EUR*

Losmandy Gemini 2 GoTo Servo System for GM8, G-11, HGM200
32,77 EUR*

Losmandy GCC Gemini2 RS-232 Serial Computer Cable
150,42 EUR*

Losmandy GPS Receiver for Gemini 2 mounts and upgrade
76,47 EUR*

41,18 EUR*

Losmandy servo motor gear box
226,05 EUR*

Losmandy Digital drive board for G-11
254,62 EUR*

Losmandy GEMINI Torque Servo Motor and Encoder
23,53 EUR*

Losmandy GMCDEC Gemini 1 und 2 Motor Cable Dec, Din Type
23,53 EUR*

Losmandy GMCRA Gemini 1 und 2 Motor Cable RA, Din Type
24,37 EUR*

Losmandy SMCC Coiled Cord for Gemini 2 Hand Controller and Stepper motors
226,05 EUR*

Losmandy DDB8
305,88 EUR*

Deluxe hand controller for Gemini 1
309,24 EUR*

Losmandy G2HC Gemini 2 Hand Controller
21,85 EUR*

Losmandy DHCC Deluxe Hand Controller Cable for Gemini 1
15,13 EUR*

Losmandy hand control splitter for auto guiders
401,68 EUR*

Losmandy HGM Titan polar scope
182,35 EUR*

Losmandy worm block for G11
182,35 EUR*

Losmandy worm block for GM8


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