CFF Telescopes - Apo refractors and reflectors made in Europe

Oil-Spaced APO Refractor Telescopes - assembled and verified by Pal Guylay - GPU Optical. Correctors and Reducers for Astrophotography - RC Astrographs Made in Europe - Glass from Ohara, Schott and Quarz mirrors imported from USA.


 CFF Telescopes / APO Refractor Telescopes  
6.462,18 EUR*

CFF Telescopes 140mm f/6.5 Triplet APO - 3.5" Starlight Focuser
2.932,77 EUR*

CFF Telescopes 105mm F/6 Triplet APO - 3" Starlight Focuser
9.235,29 EUR*

CFF Telescopes 160mm F/6.56 Triplet APO - 3.5" Starlight Focuser
15.789,92 EUR*

CFF Telescopes 185mm f/6.8 Triplet APO - 3.5" Starlight Focuser
5.033,61 EUR*

CFF Telescopes 132 mm f/6.9 Triplet Apo - 3" Feather Touch Focuser
 CFF Telescopes / RC Ritchey Chretien Telescopes  
4.621,85 EUR*

CFF Telescopes 250mm f/20 Cassegrain Telescope with 2" Feather Touch Focuser


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