ASI ZWoptical » T2 Thread Adapter


 ASI ZWoptical / T2 Thread Adapter  
20,17 EUR*

TS-Optics Adaptor with female T2 thread and male M48 (2" filter) thread - short
20,08 EUR*

ASI 1.25" T-Mount Photography Camera Adapter
28,57 EUR*

ZWO Adapter T2 male / male and 1.25 inch holder
18,40 EUR*

ASI T2-T2 Adapter, short
20,08 EUR*

ZWO T2 Female Thread Extension 11 mm
37,73 EUR*

ZWO Adapter for Canon EOS lenses to ASI cameras
70,59 EUR*

ZWO Adapter for attaching NIKON lenses to Astro Cameras
20,17 EUR*

ZWO T2 Filter Holder for 1.25" filters
38,66 EUR*

ZWO Canon EOS Lens Adapter for ZWO filter wheels and astro cameras
49,58 EUR*

ZWO Nikon Lens Adapter for ZWO filter wheels and astro cameras
20,08 EUR*

ZWO Adapter from M48 - 2" filter thread to T2 - length 16.5 mm
48,74 EUR*

ZWO EOS Adapter to T2, two-part
43,70 EUR*

ZWO ASI T2 Tilter - tilting compensator
65,55 EUR*

ZWO T2 Tilter for all ASI Cameras with new Connection Options
21,01 EUR*

ZWO T2 adapter for C Mount lenses


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