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 -TS Binoculars  
18,40 EUR*

TS-Optics FSTA - tripod adapter for binoculars to phototripods
15,97 EUR*

TS-Optics tripod adapter for binoculars - connection to phototripods
instead 1.256,30 EUR
only 1.049,58 EUR*

TS-Optics 30x100 Binoculars - 45° view, 1.25" eyepieces
 -TS Various Articles  
33,19 EUR*

Pocket Sundial - historic outfit
 -TS Accessories  
30,00 EUR*

Teleskop-Service Gift Voucher - 30 Euros value
50,00 EUR*

Teleskop-Service Gift Voucher - 50 Euros value
instead 142,02 EUR
only 125,21 EUR*

TS-Optics ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector
139,25 EUR*

TS-Optics rotatable wall star chart 81x82cm - for schools, observatories...
10,88 EUR*

TS-Optics Soft Neoprene Shoulder Strap for binoculars. cameras, ...
26,43 EUR*

Petzl Tikka Outdoor Headlamp, red or white light switchable
 B.I.G. Photo Equipment  
12,60 EUR*

B.I.G. Bubble Level for a perfect orientation of your camera or tripod
71,34 EUR*

Walkstool Comfort 55 XL - height adjustable three leg stool
75,55 EUR*

Walkstool Comfort 65 - height adjustable three leg stool
83,95 EUR*

Walkstool Comfort 75 XXL - height adjustable three leg stool
33,57 EUR*

B.I.G. Accessory Kit for the GoPro Hero Action-Cam - 11-part
4,19 EUR*

B.I.G. Tripod adaptor with 1/4" photo tripod thread for GoPro Hero Actioncam
58,74 EUR*

SolarScope standard for riskless solar observation in groups
 Bresser Optic  
71,34 EUR*

Bresser Junior Astro Planetarium Deluxe
83,95 EUR*

National Geographic Astro Planetarium Multimedia
instead 57,98 EUR
only 49,58 EUR*

Celestron NexYZ Universal 3-Axis Smartphone Adapter
41,18 EUR*

Celestron Weather Station HomeCast
instead 200,84 EUR
only 150,42 EUR*

Celestron Infinity LCD Digital Microscope with 3,5 inch LCD Display
32,77 EUR*

Celestron FireCel colour white - Electrical charger, Astronomy torch and Hand Warm
33,61 EUR*

Celestron Elements TrekCel 2200 - mobile Power Pack and Flashlight
42,02 EUR*

Celestron Elements TrekCel 3300 - mobile Power Pack and Flashlight
66,39 EUR*

Celestron Elements InfiniSun Solar Modul with integrated rechargeable battery
 Diverse Hersteller  
21,01 EUR*

12V Dew Remover with Cigarette Lighter Cable - against dew
 Fine Brass Messingteleskope  
343,70 EUR*

Fine Brass 20-60x 60mm classical Brass Telescope with Mount
35,29 EUR*

Admiral-1 10-30x30 Brass/Leather Zoom Telescope
47,06 EUR*

Admiral-2 10-30x30 Full Brass Zoom Telescope with Mahogany Box
instead 503,36 EUR
only 393,28 EUR*

TS-Optics SkyTracker PRO Set - Tracking for night photography, time lapse, ...
 Kalahari Photo Bags  
125,21 EUR*

Kalahari Kaama L-15 Camera Bag with much space, made of leather
150,42 EUR*

Kalahari KAAMA L-10 - Camera Sling Bag of leather
10,04 EUR*

Kalahari Magic Pocket - Microfibre Cleaning Cloth and Bag, 26x24 cm
8,40 EUR*

Kalahari Outdoor Handtuch und Reinigungstuch 40x80 cm
16,76 EUR*

Kalahari Bean Bag - the slightly different photo tripod
instead 151,18 EUR
only 147,02 EUR*

Kasai WideBino 28 Wide Field Galilean Binoculars 2.3x, 40 mm aperture
 Lunatico Astronomia  
instead 231,09 EUR
only 197,48 EUR*

Lunatico pocketCloudWatcher - Weather and Cloud Warner
209,24 EUR*

Omegon Digital Night Vision Device Alpheon NV 5x40
instead 121,85 EUR
only 83,19 EUR*

Pentaflex Bonanza Explorer Kit in a stable ALU case
 Steiner Optik  
instead 1.091,60 EUR
only 955,46 EUR*

Steiner Optik Binoculars Commander 7x50c with compass
12,61 EUR*

Televue Baseball Cap
instead 142,02 EUR
only 125,21 EUR*

Sky quality meter with lens - for distinctive night sky measurem
335,29 EUR*

Vixen Porta II with APP TL-130 Tripod and Soft Bag

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