T2 Adapter for Astrophotography

T2 Adaptors for Astrophotography
T2 Thread is the most important thread for Astrophotography. Here you find all the adapters for this important thread M42x0,75mm
 Baader .. Adapter  
15,97 EUR*

Baader 2408190A - T2 Counter Ring, D=55 mm, length 3,75 mm
63,03 EUR*

Baader Adapter M68 to T2 with additional threads #2458225
37,82 EUR*

Baader Reducing Ring 2"i - T2a with 1.5 mm optical length
15,97 EUR*

Baader Adapter from Vixen M36.4 to T2 thread
53,78 EUR*

Baader T2 quick changing and rotation system - T2 female to T2 male
28,57 EUR*

Baader T-2 Quickchanger with Zeiss Micro bayonet and T2 Innengewinde
32,77 EUR*

54,62 EUR*

Baader heavy duty T2 quick release / changer with M42x0.75 female thread
80,67 EUR*

Baader 2456322 - Heavy Duty T2 Quick Changing System
23,53 EUR*

Baader Adapter: Continuous male T2 thread
24,37 EUR*

Baader 1.25" Filter Holder with male T2-Thread - double T Filter Holder
15,97 EUR*

Baader Adapter #37 continious female T2 thread
23,53 EUR*

Baader Adapter: M42x1 female to T2 male for russian objectives
22,69 EUR*

Baader 2458121 Ultrashort 1.25" - T2 Clamp
18,40 EUR*

Baader Hyperion T-Adaptor for Photography - M43 to T2
20,17 EUR*

Adapter: M43 male / T2 male - focal adapter for Takahashi
19,33 EUR*

Baader Adapter T2 female to SC male extension ring
24,37 EUR*

Baader #22 M43 to T2 - T-Adapter for Vixen and Takahashi
30,25 EUR*

Adapter: M44 male - T2 male (focal adapter for ZEISS)
24,37 EUR*

Baader Adapter von M44 Zeiss Level auf T2 Innengewinde
16,81 EUR*

Baader Expanding Ring T2 female to M48 male - 2" filter thread
40,34 EUR*

Baader T2 Adapter for Meade ETX, Celestron C90 and NexStar 4 telescopes
37,82 EUR*

Baader Adapter: SC female - T2 male / T2 focal adapter for SC
29,41 EUR*

Baader Adapter SC male to T2 male - very short - # 27
47,06 EUR*

Baader 2408160 - SC/T2 Photo Adapter, Wide-field version, 16 mm optical length
16,39 EUR*

Baader Adaptor SP54 to T2 - T-Adapter for the old Hyperion Zoom Mark II
49,58 EUR*

Celestron T2 Adaptor for the EdgeHD 800 telescope
83,19 EUR*

Celestron T-Adapter for Edge HD 925 1100 and 1400 Telescopes
 DayStar .. Solar  
44,54 EUR*

Daystar Quark to T adapter
100,00 EUR*

Geoptik Adaptor for Canon EOS Lenses to T2 for CCD cameras - with 1/4" Phototripod
100,00 EUR*

Geoptik Adaptor for Nikon lenses to T2 for CCD cameras - w/ 1/4" thread
 Hotech Laser  
66,39 EUR*

SCA-TA2 2" SCA T-Adapter
56,30 EUR*

Hotech 1,25" SCA T-Adapter
 Lacerta, trademark specialising in telescopes and astro accessories  
15,13 EUR*

Lacerta Adapter with T2 female thread and M48x0,75 male thread
20,17 EUR*

Lacerta T2 Adapter for 50 mm finders for conversion into a guide scope
16,72 EUR*

Meade #64ST Adapter for Photography with the ETX-60 70 and 80
37,82 EUR*

Meade #64 T Adapter for Photography with the ETX90 and ETX125
 Orion UK  
62,18 EUR*

TS-Optics M68 Connection Adaptor for Orion ODK und AG Telescopes
125,21 EUR*

T2 Adator from HyperStar C8 & EHD800 to Celestron NightScape
36,97 EUR*

Adapter SC to T2 female for Trutek filter wheel
43,70 EUR*

Vixen #3876-01 prime focus adapter for Canon EOS
32,77 EUR*

Vixen #3877 prime focus adapter for Olympus
43,70 EUR*

Vixen Wide Photo Adapter - focal adapter for DSLR cameras
41,18 EUR*

Vixen 60mm Ring with T Thread Adapter

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