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9,25 EUR*

Teleskop 1x1 - How to operate a telescope - German
13,93 EUR*

13,97 EUR*

instead 23,27 EUR
only 11,64 EUR*

25,22 EUR*

39,16 EUR*

The Dobsonian Telescope, by David Kriege and Richard Berry
41,03 EUR*

Telescope Optics, by Harrie Rutten und Martin van Venrooij
41,96 EUR*

Star testing astronomical telescopes

How to Make a Telescope - Jean Texereau
52,24 EUR*

Portable Newtonian Telescopes - Engineering, Design and Construction

Making A Refractor Telescope - by Norman Remer
55,05 EUR*

Telescopes, Eyepieces and Astrographs - Design, Analysis and Performance of modern
7,43 EUR*

Erste Schritte mit Ihrem Celestron Teleskop - Language GERMAN

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