Microscopes for transmitted light - monocular & binocular

optical microscopes in a variety of prices
Discover the world of the micro cosmos with our microscopes. Here, you find biological microscopes (transmitted light type) for the beginner and even for the advanced amateur and laboratories. We offer monocular and binocular versions.
 -TS Microscopes  
36,97 EUR*

TS-Optics Optical Microscope Set for Beginner - 100-900x - 28 pieces
instead 100,83 EUR
only 58,81 EUR*

TS-Optics MXMP7 - advanced Microscope 40-640x - transmitted and incidend light
instead 108,40 EUR
only 59,66 EUR*

TSOptics monocular Microscope - transmitted and reflected light, max. 640x
instead 335,29 EUR
only 290,76 EUR*

TSOptics Biological microscope with trinocular head, max. 1000x
instead 797,48 EUR
only 562,18 EUR*

TS-Optics Biological microscope with trinocular head, max. 1000x
 Bresser Optic  
209,24 EUR*

Bresser Erudit DLX 40x-600x monocular student microscope
116,81 EUR*

Bresser Duolux 20x-1280x Combines incident with transmitted light
75,55 EUR*

instead 142,02 EUR
only 116,81 EUR*

Celestron biological microscope for beginners - up to 400x
instead 192,44 EUR
only 142,02 EUR*

Celestron Advanced Biological Microscope with more functions - up to 500x
instead 335,29 EUR
only 245,38 EUR*

Celestron biological microscope - LED illumination - max. 1000x
instead 74,79 EUR
only 70,59 EUR*

Celestron optical & digital microscope for the beginner with digital camera
100,00 EUR*

Celestron Microscope Micro360 - Top & bottom LED illumination
instead 586,55 EUR
only 418,49 EUR*

Celestron PRO binocular microscope - Halogen illumination max. 1500x
instead 100,00 EUR
only 91,60 EUR*

Celestron Labs Microscope CM800
instead 268,07 EUR
only 251,26 EUR*

Celestron Labs Microscope CM2000CF
instead 360,50 EUR
only 326,89 EUR*

Celestron Labs Microscope CB2000CF - binocular
instead 553,78 EUR
only 503,36 EUR*

Celestron Labs Microscope CB2000C - binocular
 Lacerta, trademark specialising in telescopes and astro accessories  
1.243,61 EUR*

Lacerta Infinity Series Typ-5 Mikroscope w/ 5 PLAN Lenses
3.175,63 EUR*

LACERTA Infinity LED-Fluorescence trinocular microscope
1.889,92 EUR*

Lacerta infinity series 11 microscope for phase contrast
instead 1.679,83 EUR
only 1.512,52 EUR*

Lacerta Infinity Series dark field microscope with 4 PLAN Lenses

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