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Correct designations of distances in astrophotography

December 23rd, 2021 by Wolfi

What is the flange focal distance, working distance, etc. and why are the correct designations so important?

In astrophotography, correct distances are often very important and determine good star imaging. It depends on the millimeter. This is exactly why it is very important that the consultant and the customer talk about exactly the same thing. When we make a set of necessary adapters, we have to rely on the specifications. That is why it is important to choose the correct designations. Here now are the most important terms:

Working distance:
The working distance is usually used to refer to the distance from the camera-side connection thread of the corrector to the optimal position of the camera sensor. Many correctors have a working distance of 55mm. The external thread on the camera side is not included. Simply put, if you subtract the flange focal distance of the camera from the working distance of the corrector, you get the necessary length of the adaptation....
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Using ZWO ASI cameras (not only) under Linux

August 18th, 2021 by Frank

Software for ZWO ASI cameras when working with openSUSE Linux

The ASI cameras from the manufacturer ZWO often say that they are compatible with Linux. The manufacturer also provides Linux software, but only for Ubuntu (although Debian could also work). Unfortunately, the DEB format excludes RPM-based distributions like openSUSE.

However, there is a possibility that does not run without problems, but at least runs at all under openSUSE 15.2 Leap (and also under other systems, for example Ubuntu), and that is AstroDMx Capture:
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