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Using ZWO ASI cameras under Linux

August 18th, 2021 by Frank

Software for ZWO ASI cameras when working with openSUSE Linux

The ASI cameras from the manufacturer ZWO often say that they are compatible with Linux. The manufacturer also provides Linux software, but only for Ubuntu (although Debian could also work). Unfortunately, the DEB format excludes RPM-based distributions like openSUSE.

However, there is a possibility that does not run without problems, but at least runs at all under openSUSE 15.2 Leap (and also under other systems, for example Ubuntu), and that is AstroDMx Capture:
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Agreement with Sharpstar, improvement of future delivery quality

February 28th, 2020 by Wolfi

Improvement in delivery quality of the TS86SDQ and TSAPO100Q

Both telescopes will be completely redesigned by Sharpstar for Telescope Service with the goal of improving the performance of optics in the field and also photographic star imaging. In order to achieve these goals for the production models as well, we have agreed the following steps with Sharpstar, in addition to redesigning the optics and frame:

♦ Each optic is individually checked by the supplier and optimally collimated on the optical bench.
♦ Every telescope comes with a manufacturing log.
♦ Each telescope is also checked and if necessary readjusted during telescope service on the optical bench....
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