Lunt Blockfilter B600 im 2"-Zenitspiegel Bewertungen


Lunt Blockfilter B600 im 2"-Zenitspiegel

EUR 699,00

Art.Nr. LSB600D2

2/2 Bewertungen


Geschrieben von Jens F. am 17.09.2023

"Der Lunt Blockfilter B600 im 2-Zenitspiegel funktioniert einwandfrei."

Geschrieben von Petr S. am 28.09.2022

"Wirks perfect with my Lunt 60 H-alpha solar telescope. The view is sharp and bright. As the focal lenght is less than 600 mm, the more expensive BS1200 is not necessary for me, so I spare 400 Euro approx and I enjoy sun´s activities in the time of Sun´s maximum. Perfect product for the money. "