TS-Optics Adapter für Okularprojektion und Fokalfotografie - 2" Anschluss Bewertungen


TS-Optics Adapter für Okularprojektion und Fokalfotografie - 2" Anschluss

EUR 119,95

Art.Nr. TSVPA2

3/3 Bewertungen


Geschrieben von Aleksandar S. am 20.01.2018

"Versatile, separate components useful as standalone items too."

Geschrieben von Peter W. am 17.05.2016

"Ware ist wie beschrieben und sehr stabil. Der Adapter funktioniert ausgezeichnet."

Geschrieben von Yue Fai Sunny C. am 24.02.2016

"This is one of my favourite and important apparatus, because without it I cannot do any afocal projection imaging with the 40mm Televue plossl eyepiece, which forms my wide field slitless spectroscopic survey camera. Solidly build and highly versatile, the three pieces can be separated for different uses or combined for its designed function for oversized eyepiece projection. The price may be seen by some as overpriced because usually buying three adaptors simultaneously usually costs significantly less than buying them individually, and hence gave the impression that this is a luxury item. Still, there is no immediate substitute to this adaptor unless one buys the even larger extension tubes for 2 inch eyepieces which are far more expensive still and specialised only to certain telescopes. In summary, this adaptor is well worth it and functions extremely well, and is an integral and critical component of my imaging system."