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TS 1,25" ED Eyepiece 25mm - 60° Flat Field - high contrast

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TS 25 mm 1.25" ED flat field eyepiece - long eye relief
... the combination of flat field and high contrast for best observation results

The new TS N-ED flat field eyepiece is characterized by a very contrasty image. Its integrated ED element additionally causes a high degree of color correction. With its modern optical design, the TS N-ED feature images free of distortions and field curvature.

TS N-ED advantages:
-- corrected field curvature
-- high contrast with ED element
-- 60° wide apparent field of view
-- 16 mm eye relief (suitable for eyeglass wearers)
-- twist-up eyecups to adjust for your preferred eye relief
-- 1.25" barrel with integrated filter thread

Very comfortable eye position:

The big eye lens with 21mm diameter allows relaxed observing. Even beginners will be convinced by an image that's contrasty and free of straylight. If you wear eye glasses, just leave the eyecup in the lower position and you can observe the full field.

High image definition, good contrast and flat field:

All glass-air-surfaces are multi-coated for a contrast superior to the standard level. Its brilliance and transmission level make this eyepiece a top choice for Lunar/Planetary observations and for deep sky also.

Technical details:
Focal length: 25 mm
Barrel: 1.25" with filter thread
FoV: 60°
Eye relief: 16 mm
Coatings: FMC
Weight: 182 gr.
Diametre: 49 mm
Length w/o 1,25" nose: 51 mm

The TS N-ED family:

Their individual focal lengths are stepped for a reasonable magnification range. Available focal lengths are 5, 8, 12, 15, 18 and 25 mm.

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