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Delivery time expected 1 - 3 w
Officina Stellare Hiper Apo 130mm f/6 LZOS Triplet Objektiv and

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Hiper APO 130/780mm - f/6 - Super Apo Triplet with interferogram - 3,5" Feather Touch
... ultimative Apo for both, visual use and photography - innovative ventilation system
Hiper APO 130 Officina Stellare

Technical specifications
-- aperture 130mm
-- focal 780mm
-- aperture ratio f/7
-- LZOS lens with Interferogram
-- Carbon "zero Expansion" tube / CNC Aluminium
-- weigth 9,5kg
-- Length with retracted dewcap only 600mm
-- tube diameter 180mm
-- CNC tube rings

3,5" Feather Touch focuser:

-- The Apo comes with the huge 3,5" Feather Touch Okularauszug. The focus position is adjustable individually for best
performance over the entire field

Innovative ventilation system for temperature compensation and faster cooling down
Hiper Apo 130 LZOS Objektiv
-- 9 slots each on the backside and behind the lens cell
-- three tiny ventilators - with controlbox for active ventilation
-- integrated filter against dust
-- Internal baffle rings are modified to guarantee a constant, barrierfree ventilation inside the tube
-- The result is a faster cooling down process

The main advantages of the Hiper APOs from Officina Stellare:

-- Lens designed by Thomas Back - manufatured from LZOS - near Moscow
-- uncompromising quality
-- inlcuding interferometrical protocol
-- Backplate and lens cell made by CNC aluminium
-- Tube made of carbon - "zero Expansion"
-- retractable dewcap

Optional accessories:

-- motorized digital focussing unit
-- several correctors / reducers
-- case / bags
-- finderscopes, dovetailplates

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