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Tripod Adaptor for Binoculars

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Sturdy "All-Metal" Camera Tripod Adaptor for Binoculars:

For extended observing with binoculars or when binoculars have a high magnification above 10x a tripod should be used. It will make observing a lot more comfortable and less tiring. The shaking of your hands will also be eliminated. As a result finer detail can be seen.

Most binoculars have a 1/4" thread at the front of the central bar / hinge. This thread is often covered by a plastic cover.

Our tripod adaptor screws into this thread and will then in turn fit on any standard camera tripod. For this in turn it has a 1/4" standard thread in the base.

The tripod adaptor is a very slim design so that it can also be used with most roof prism binoculars.

This is not a simple plastic part, but a rigid metal adaptor suitable even for heavy binoculars.

The adaptor is attached to the binoculars using a knob that can easily be operated by hand.

Most binoculars have an adaptation thread at the front of the central hinge. However many pocket binoculars do not have this feature! The thread is a necessary feature of the binoculars if you want to use the TS tripod adapter!


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