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Losmandy removable 90mm finder bracket - self realigning

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Scott Losmandy has a reputation worldwide for building products with an excellent mechanical quality and design. This is true not only of Losmandy's wonderful astronomical mounts, but also for the accessories.

Teleskop-Service is authorised Losmandy dealer and as such cannot only offer very fair prices, but also the know-how needed for offering the proper service and advice to our customers! If you have any questions concerning products or prices please do not hesitate to contact us! .........................

Losmandy 90mm I.D. Removable Finder - for large diameter finderscopes and compact guide scopes - RDF90

A self realigning finder bracket for demanding users. The screws are made with plastic tips so the finder will not be scratched.


-- the finder bracket accepts finders with 42mm to 90mm physical diameter
-- the finder base ("finder shoe") is included and can be left mounted on the telescope.

Losmandy Finder Base - fits Losmandy finder brackets

The Losmandy finder base has two holes that allow it to be mounted on different telescopes. The base can be left mounted on the telescope and will work with the RDF65 as well as the RDF90 finder brackets.

One finder base is included in the scope of delivery.

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