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TS Cleaning kit (five parts) - for almost all optical surfaces

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TS Cleaner Kit - Optics Cleaning Kit

... universal kit for cleaning almost all optical surfaces

TS CleanerKit

The TS Cleaner Kit is a low cost but complete optics cleaning kit with many tools needed for cleaning telescopes and accessories.

Careful cleaning at not too frequent intervals will keep your equipment at peak performance.

The TS Optics Cleaner Kits consists of five separate parts for different cleaning jobs:

Blower Brush
Removes dust from optical surfaces. By pressing the blower you can remove dust particles without actually touching the optics. The brush will remove the remaining dust.

Cleaning Cloth
The cleaning cloth is used to remove dirt that cannot be removed with a brush. The cloth is machine-washable.

Cleaning Fluid

The cleaning fluid is used for removing fat, such as from fingerprints or your eyelashes. The fluid solves the fat, which can then be removed with the cotton pads. The fluid is non-aggressive, allowing it to be used on optical surfaces that do not have a hard coating.

Lens Cleaning Tissue

The single-use lens cleaning tissue is used to clean small optical surfaces, e.g. on eyepieces. The booklet contains 25 sheets.

Cotton Pads

Ideal in conjunction with the cleaning fluid. The cotton pads are used to clean small optical surfaces that are not easy to reach.

Scope of delivery:

-- 1 blower brush
-- 1 cleaning cloth
-- 1 bottle of cleaning fluid
-- 1 booklet containing 25 sheets of lens cleanung tissue
-- 5 cotton pads

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