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ALccd IMG132E CMOS COLOR lunar/planetary camera

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IMG 132E Astrolumina IMG132E - COLOR CMOS Camera

The IMG132E is a high performance CMOS camera for planetary application. It using Sony's Exmor CMOS sensor which gives clear and noise free image. Unlike other old cmos technology, IMG132E has no visible Fixed Pattern noise like the vertical lines. And IMG132E has no random horizontal noise even in very high gain conditions.
IMG132E also has the high FPS performance. It achieve 25fps at 1280*1024 full size mode and achieve 86fps at 640*480 center crop mode.

Main Features
SONY Exmor Color CMOS Sensor IMX035
1/3inch Effective imaging area
Pixel Size: 3.63µm x 3.63µm
1280x1024: 25FPS / 640x480: 86FPS (max.)
QE: 61%@Blue 63%@Green 54%@Red
Rolling Shutter, Progressive Scan
ADC: 12bit (8bit output) Internal 4bit
for R,G,B digital Gain
Telescope Interface: 1.25inch
IR cut filer: Yes, Removeable
Weight: 190g
Power: USB Powered

IMG132E supplies WDM drivers. It means you can use it as a Ultra high perforance WEBCAM for video chat.

Support Software:

WDM Driver

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