Delivery time expected 1 - 3 w
Delivery time expected 1 - 3 w
Dobsonian EQ-platform for Dobson Teleskopes to 60kg - 45° to 55° latitude

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Dobson EQ platform 1 - tracking for dobson telescopes from 6" to 16" - up to 60kg
Compact and transportable tracking basis for Your dobsonian telescope.
Standard version 45° to 55° latitude
Special versions for other latitudes can be ordered

Dobson Plattform - Tracking Platform for dobsonian telescopes

A dobsonian telescope is a simple system that does not need counterweights and lots of gear and cables around - it is just a pleasure to observe with it. However..... keeping an object inside the eyepiece for a longer time without manual movements would be phantastic.

The EQ platform for Your dobsonian is that solution:
-- suitable for Dobsonians up to 16" , for example Skywatcher, GSO and Meade Dobsonians
-- the EQ platform is extremely rigid and free of flexions due to the used multiplex construction
-- the EQ platform is very transprtable with a size of only 60cm x 70cm - at a height of only 10cm

The EQ platform offers up to one hour tracking before it needs to be rewinded.
The platform is suitable for latitudes of central Europe. Differing latitudes can be considered in the production process.
The drive system is a well-known and robust motor system that can be run with a 9V block battery. This will last for around 50 hours of observation pleasure.

Scope of delivery:
-- EQ-platform with motor drive

Package dimensions:
-- 630mm x 740mm x 150mm
-- weight 6kg

A practical hint:
You simply can put your dobsonian onto the platform without adapters. You only must be care, that the feet of your dobsonian are on the prepeared anti slip strips.
You can use this platform from 45° to 55° latitude north and south. We also offer a model for latitudes from 35° to 45°.

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manual MF-Dobsonian EQ platform
... photos show the old version of the platform, the new version has the integrated motor

1. adaption of the support points at Your telescope.
Calculate the distance between the feet of Your dobsonians rockerbox. You will find three
square wooden patches (for GSO and comparable dobsonians) with a 30mm hole inside.

Put two patelets onto the platform so that they are situated close to the northern segment and conform with the distances of the dobnsonians feet.

Dobson Plattform oben

2. Adaption of the drive system.
The drive system is to be attached with the deliverd tools. Please see the photo for the mounting

Dobson Plattform Motor

3. Preparation of the platform.
Place the platform on an even ground. If this is not possible, please use e.g. wooden wedges under her feet to roughly level the platform. The circular segment has to face to north. A course northern alignment, for example with a normal compass, is sufficient.

4. Motor drive system.
The drive direction must be set to "N", switch on the motor and direct the telescope to a bright star
If the star is drifting, You need to change the motor drive speed. Please find out by try-and-error what motor speed is the best for Your place.
(The 9V block battery is not included in the set.)


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