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Baader Glass path corrector 1.7x - 35mm travel compensation

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1.7x glass path corrector - 35mm travel compensation for Baader MaxBright Bino
When using a bino with 120mm glass path, only 75mm back focus remain. Many refractors are now able to bring a bino into focus and also Newtonians with enough back focus.
Glass path correction for binos

This aiding tool compensates the back foucus needed by binos. The magnification increases by the announced factor.
The effect of the glass path corrector is similar to Barlow lenses. But a glass path corrector is (unlike a Barlow) designed for the longer distance between itself and the eyepiece. A standard Barlow lens would lead to false colour because it is not intended for such distances.

Adaptation to the telescope:

Baader offers fitting adapters with T2 thread on the binocular side and 1.25" or 2" on the telescope side. These adapters accept the glass path corrector; it can easily be screwed in. The bino itself fits directly to the T2 thread. Find the necessary adapters below at the "recommended accessories".

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