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ATIK 2" mot. filter wheel - USB - for 7x 36mm unmounted filters

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ATIK 2" motorized filter wheel - USB connection - for 7x 36 mm unmounted filters
... high quality filter wheel with 54mm free aperture - suitable for full size sensors

EFW2 für 9x 125z FilterPicture: Version for 9x 1,25" filters

With the new motorized filter wheel EFW2, Atik completes its accessory range for the high-quality CCD cameras with big sensors. Of course this filter wheel can be remote controlled by PC.

Following filters can be used:
-- 7x 36 mm unmounted filters

M54 connection thread and 2" nosepiece at telescope side:
The filter wheel is standard equipped with a 2" nosepiece screwed into a female M54 thread. If you want, you can adapt other connections (T2, SC...) easily.

T2 thread on the camera side:
Most CCD cameras have a T2 thread or can be adapted to it. An adapter to M54 is available optionally.

Extremely flat design - 22mm only:
With an optical length of 22mm, this filter weel is one of the most slim 2" designs that we know.

Motor with USB controller included:
The EFW2 is motorized, ASCOM compatible and can therefore be controlled by nearly all softwares like AstroArt or MaxIm. The included Artemis capture software also allows easy and efficient handling.

Technical details:
-- Connection threads: M54 female on telescope side, T2 male on camera side
-- Weight: approx. 400g
-- Power supply: 12VDC
-- PC Interface: USB

A high-performance combination: The EFW2 with a big Atik CCD camera and an auto guider:

Atik EFW2 combination

EFW2-2z-Anschluss ATIK EFW2 with 2" connection

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