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Lacerta MGEN Stand Alone Autoguider for astrophotography

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Lacerta MGEN Stand Alone Autoguider for astrophotography

Lacerta MGEN-II Superguider (Autoguider Camera with remote and stand alone functions) with high sensitive SONY CCD Sensor.

Lacerta MGEN" (made in Hungary) today stands for the most reliable guiding system on market, used widely and enthusiastically in Europe but also worldwide.

♦ High sensitive SONY ICX279AL-E Sensor, you always will find a guiding star.
♦ You will reach 10.5 mag stars with a 50mm finder
♦ Subpixel tracking - you can guide a 10" Newtonian with a 50mm finder
♦ T2 connection with small distance from thread to chip (7mm)
♦ Canon EOS Control possible
♦ Diterhing possible


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