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GSO 150mm F5 Newtonian Telescope OTA 2" Crayford focuser

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TS GSO 150mm F5 Newtonian Telescope - Optical Tube Assembly
... Aperture 150mm - Focal Length 750mm - f5 - parabolic main mirror - diffraction limited

GSO 150mm f5 newtonian

This GSO Newtonian telescope, produced for Teleskop-Service, is a very good entry level option for anyone interested in visual observing and people who want to start with astrophotography. The telescope comes with a very good diffraction limited parabol optic, displaying high contrast images of the moon, planets and deep sky objects.

Advantages of the GSO Newtonian:

-- very good diffraction limited optic with 6" aperture (150mm) - focal ratio f5
-- 94% reflection on both mirrors for a brighter image
-- rigid 2" crayford focuser - ready for astrophotography
-- steel tube instead of wobbly aluminium tube - you can use heavy cameras witout loosing collimation
-- enough backfocus for astrophotography with DSLR Cameras and Coma Corrector
-- large fully illuminated field for rich field observing and astrophotography

Astrophotos made with the GSO 150mm f/5 Newtonian
... here you find attractive photos from amateurs made with these telescopes - your results are very welcome .... more infos

GSO Newtonian - 2inch focuser

Special Feature: The 2" Crayford Focuser

Most instruments of this size only have a 1.25" focusers. This is OK for visual use, but limits photographical capability. The GSO Newtonian has a 2" Crayford focuser and sufficient back focus to be able to reach focus with DSLR cameras. With the supplied 2" extension tube you will also reach focus with regular eyepieces.

Image quality of the fine parabol optic:

This GSO Newtonian of course has a parabolic primary mirror for an optimum performance. GSO has a reputation for making some of the finest mirrors in this price range. We guarantee diffraction limited performance, but in our experience the GSO telescopes are even much better than that. One particular advantage is the very smooth mirror surface that results in practically no light scatter.

Moon and planets can be viewed even at 250x with very good sharpness and contrast. Tiny details in moon's craters become visible. You can see Saturn's Cassini division, belt details in Jupiter's atmosphere. With 150mm aperture a huge number of gas nebulae, star clusters and galaxies are within reach. Some galaxies even begin to unveil their spiral structure!

The GSO 6" f/5 newtonian is a good telescope for astrophotography:

GSO Newton with DSLR Camera

The Newtonian Telescope is ready for astrophotography with many good features for beautiful astrophotos.

-- 2" Crayford focuser with precise movement also suitable for heavy cameras
-- enough back focus for standard coma correctors
-- big illuminated field - good for standard DSLR cameras
-- 94% encanced coating on main- and secondary mirror for a brighter image


-- Primary mirror ... parabolic diffraction limited main mirror with 150mm diameter and 750mm focal lengh
-- Focal ratio ... f5
-- Secondary Mirror ... 63mm diameter (short axis)
-- Focuser ... 2" Crayford focuser
-- Tube ... Steel Tube for a better stability - Diameter 178mm / Lengh 690mm
-- Weight ... 5,9kg

Scope of Delivery:

-- Newtonian telescope - optical tube
-- 6x30 achromatic finderscope
-- aluminium rings with M6 connection thread on both sites
-- 2" 30mm extension tube for visual observing
-- reduction from 2" to 1,25" for smaller eyepieces

If you are looking for a complete astronomical telescope with mount - we suggest the Skywatcher EQ5:

GSO 150mm Newtonian telescope on EQ5

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