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TS-Optics 7Ah rechargeable power tank with integrated red/white light

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TS 12V power tank - 7Ah - with 230V wall charger
... with integrated lamps (red light and LED white light)
TS Powertank 7 Ah
12V everywhere with useful additonal functions - this is the main characteristic of the 7 Ah power tank. It is robust, lightweight, and 7 amp. hrs. are enough to operate a standard GoTo mount 1-2 nights long. The powerful LED white light is ideal to set up (or disassemble) equipment or to search for lost items. The red light gives an ambient illumination and reading aid without disturbing your night vision. So the Powertank is an ideal companion for the night!

Technical details:
-- Capacity: 7Ah
-- Output: 5V USB + 2 cigarette lighter plugs
-- Integrated red light
-- Integrated LED white light
-- 230V wall charger
-- Protection against over charging
-- Useful carrying handle
-- Weight: 3.1 kgs

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