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TS 25 prepared slides in wooden box - Anatomy

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TS prepared slides

Examples from the content

Prepared slides by TS - Set "Anatomy"

No preparation work needed

Prepared slides are ideal for education and Hobbyists in order to give didactically and methodically valuable traning on a real object - with no need for complicated preparation work before.
This set containes 25 ready-to-use preparations from the topic "anatomy" in a wooden box.

- Simple flag epithelum, w.m.
- Stratified flat epithelum, sec.
- Dense comective tissus, rattit, w.m.
- Loose connective tissue, ratit, w.m.
- Skeletal muscle, l.s.
- Smooth muscle teased preparation, w.m.
- Cardiac muscle, sec.
- Motor neurons, w.m.
- Wall of stomach, sec.
- Small intestine, c.s.
- Artery, sec.
- Vein, sec.
- Cilitade epithelium, sec.
- Lymph node, sec.
- Testis, sec.
- Ovary, sec.
- Sperms, human, smear
- Oral cavity mucons membrane
- Human blood, smear
- Frog blood, smear
- Tongue, l.s.
- Pancreas, sec.
- Trachea, c.s.
- Lungs, sec


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