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Starway L-Bracket for horizontal mounting of instruments

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Starway L-Bracket from TS-Optics - 90° mounting arm
... for horizontal mounting of instruments on mounts with vertical quick release saddle plate

L Halter - mounting binoculars on a Giro Mini

Several instruments have a dominant viewing position in relation to their mounting bracket, e.g. binoculars, spotting scopes, some Maksutovs or the Coronado PST. When mounting these instruments on an astronomical mount with vertical saddle plate the viewing position might be very uncomfortable. For example, if you try to mount binoculars on a Giro mount the binoculars would end up sideways.

L Halter - mounting a spotting scope The TS Optics L Bracket solves this problem:

To correct this problem you can use the L-bracket. It rotates the instrument 90° in relation to the saddle plate of the mount. The binoculars in the example above will then rest in a comfortable horizontal position. The spotting scope in the left image has its eyepiece on the top, not inconveniently on the side.

Mounts for which the L-Bracket can be used:

The LBracket fits on all mounts with a Vixen style saddle plate. It is particularly interesting for such mounts where the saddle plate is mounted sideways, for example:

-- Tele Optic GIRO and GIRO Mini with saddle plate
-- Vixen PORTA and SKYPOD
-- GSO Alt-Azimuth mount GSAZ
-- Celestron Nexstar mounts


-- dovetail plate GP level, approximately 20cm
-- length of the L-bar ... 18cm
-- two holes for screws ... one hole 2.5cm from the end of the L-bar and the other 4.5cm from the end of the L-bar
-- includes one 1/4" screw for mounting standard binoculars, spotting scopes etc

Recommended accessory:

-- Saddle plate - can be used to hold the dovetail plate of the L-bracket, or can be mounted on the L-bar and will in turn accept another GP-style dovetail plate


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