Delivery time expected 1 - 3 w
Delivery time expected 1 - 3 w
Triton photo tripod - 3/8" thread - 64cm ... 182cm - max. 12kgs

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TRITON FGX 1 - Heavy duty photo tripod with 3/8" thread - without head
... massive photo tripod for max. 12 kg load - 64 to 182 cm height

Triton FGX1
The modular tripod system by Triton:

TRITON offers a clearly arranged choice of tripods and heads. All of them can be combined with each other. So you can choose exactly that combination that is optimal for you. Find a choice of recommended heads in the "accessories" section below.
Triton FGX1The TRITON FGX 1 stands for stability. Even fully extended to 182 cm, this tripod carries the maximum load of 12 kgs without any problems. Despite of these facts, the FGX1 is very transportable with its weight of 3.8 kgs and 69 cm transport length.

We recommend the FGX1 to nature observers needing extra stiffness and / or a high tripod.

More stiffness with center beams:

The three legs are connected with the center column by three beams and are additionally fixed with a locking screw. The result is an enourmous stiffness even when fully extended.

Surface pressing of the extendable center column:

The uncompomised good craftmanship of the FGX1 is continued here. The locking screw does not press directly to the center culumn. Its force is transmitted by a surface of some cm² guaranteeing a solid locking.

The center column itself has flattened sides for precise travel and secure locking.

Some TRITON FGX 1 example photos:

... a robust metal crank shifts the center column. It can be flipped away.
... on one side of the FGX1 there's a bubble level for accuarte levelling.
... the tripod legs have extra wide stubs for high warp resistance.
... the locking system of the extendable legs is made of metal.

FGX1 Details

Technical details:

-- Weight: ca. 3.8 kgs
-- Load: max. ca. 12kg
-- Connecting thread: 3/8" with additional counter screws
-- Transport length: 69 cm
-- Height adjusting range: 64cm ... 182 cm
-- Extendable legs with useful quick lock system
-- Center beams for more stability

Scope of delivery:

-- TRITON photo tripod FGX 1
-- Nylon bag

FGX1 bag

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