iOptron IEQ45 PRO - parallaktische GoTo Montierung - GPS - 25kg Tragekraft

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iOptron IEQ45 PRO Equatorial Goto Mount with GPS
... perfect for astrophotography - loading capacity more than 20kg instrument weight
... better DEC Connection - more stability
... Losmandy/Vixen Level telescope connection

iOptron GoTo Montirung IEQ45
The new iOptron iEQ45 Pro Equatorial Mount is excellent for the professional astrophotographer due to its AccuAlign system that uses GPS technology for quick alignment for easy setup which is necessary in CCD imaging. It also has a light weight head while still maintaining a high capacity payload.

iOptron has taken all the fundamentals of the original iEQ45 Pro and added some new features/improvements. The most noticeable mechanical change is the replacement of a servo motor into a stepper motor. Some of these improvements and changes include:

◾Stepper motor (instead of servo)
◾Higher gear ratio (now same gears as CEM60)
◾A number of cosmetic changes (ex. plugs moved to sides, plastic covers are singular piece, etc.)

Features of the iEQ45 Pro:

-- Payload: 45 lbs
-- Mount weight: 25 lbs
-- Portable, compact, and sturdy German equatorial mount with the highest Payload/Mount ratio (1.7) in the category
-- ST-4 autoguiding port capable of reverse guiding with auto-protection
-- Permanent periodic error correction (PEC)
-- Ultra-accurate tracking with temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)
-- Gap-free structure for both R.A. and declination worms
-- Built-in 32-channel GPS
-- Hand controller with Advanced GOTONOVA® GoTo Technology and heating mechanism
-- Lowest working temperature: -20oC
-- RS232 port for mount firmware upgrade and ASCOM control
-- Resolution: 0.09 arc second
--Spring loaded dual size dovetail saddle for both Vixen and Losmandy-type mounting plates
-- 2 inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod legs (16.5 lbs)
-- Die cast metal tripod spreader with accessory tray
-- Optional 42-inch (#8033) or 48-inch (#8030) pier available.
-- AccuAligningTM polar scope with dark-field illumination and Quick Polar Alignment procedure, allowing for fast and accurate polar alignment
-- Comes standard with: 2 x 5kg counterweight, AC adaptor, 12V DC car plug adaptor, RS232-RJ9 cable and RS232 cable


Mount type EQ
Maximum payload (EQ) 45 lbs (20kg)
Mount weight (exclude CW) 25 lbs (11.4 kg )
Latitude adjustment range 5~70°
Azimuth adjustment range ±6°
RA Worm period 337 S
Right Ascension worm wheel 256 teeth, M=0.5, aluminum
Declination worm wheel 228 teeth, M=0.5, aluminum
RA and DEC worm Ø17 mm, brass
RA bearing Ø80mm
DEC bearing Ø68mm
Right Ascension axis shaft Ø50 mm, steel
Declination axis shaft Ø40 mm, steel
Gear meshing Zero backlash
CW shaft Ø28 mm, Stainless steel
CW 11 lbs (5kg) X 2
Mount base diameter Ø150mm
Dovetail saddle 6" Dual Vixen/Losmandy
Level indicator Precision bubble
Polar Scope AccuAlignTM G2 polar scope, dark field illumination
Tripod/Pier 2" stainless steel tripod
(6" pier optional, 42" or 48" tall)
Drive motor 1.8° stepper motor,
128 microsteps
Resolution 0.09 arcsec
Transmission Synchronous belt
Motor control Open loop
PEC Permanent PEC
Hand controller Go2Nova® 8407+,359,000 objects database, star recognition
HC display 8 line, 21 character LCD, heated
Slew speed 9 speeds, 5.83°/sec max (1400X)
Tracking rate Sidereal/Solar/Lunar/King/User
Meridian treatment Stop (0-15° pass) and auto flip
GPS Build-in 32 Channel GPS
Communication port RS232
Guiding port ST-4
Power interuption recover Yes
Power requirement DC 12V (11~15V) 2A
Power consumption 0.45A(Tracking) 0.75A(GOTO)
Computer control Yes (ASCOM)
Operation temperature -20~45°C

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