Baader H-Alpha - 7nm - 50,4mm ungefasst

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Baader H-Alpha Filter - 7nm Bandbreite - 50,4mm rund ungefasst - #2458383
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Baader HAlpha 7nm ungefasst

Technische Daten:

-- Bandbreite 7nm
-- planoptisch poliert
-- ungefasst - 50x50mm
-- Dicke - 3mm


Baader HAlpha 7nm Kurve

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"My experiences with the 7nm Baader filter have been fantastic. The filter is of very high quality, as are all the Baader filters and accessories. The ST-8 came with the 3nm CS filter which I used for a few months with good results. I started using the 7nm Baader after a friend of mine recommended I give it a try. He has been using one with his ST-10. The coatings appear to be quite good. I've experienced minimal reflections on brighter stars. The price is also very reasonable."

Chris Cook

Fotografische Anwendung von Baader - Schmalband Filtern:

Bildautor: Johannes Schedler, © 2008 by Panther Observatory.

NGC7000+Pelican Mosaic with Baader NarrowbandCCD-filters. Note tight stars and absence of halos.

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