Telescope for Beginner

Telekope für Einsteiger von Teleskop Service

Which Telescope is the Best for Beginners?
A telescope with a good quality optic, with enough acessories to have a good start, with a solide mechanic and simple to use.

Here you will find a good selection of Beginner Telescopes for a good start in Astronomy.

 -TS - Optics  

Advice and Information before buying your first telescope - Tips
725,00 EUR*

TS 6" f/9 RC Telescope on Skywatcher EQ3 mount for observing & astrophotography
89,00 EUR*

Starscope 60/900mm refractor telescope with EQ-1 mount & tripod
79,00 EUR*

Starscope 70/700mm refractor telescope with mount & tripod
139,00 EUR*

Refractor 70/900mm on mount EQ3-1 & tripod for beginners age 7+
159,00 EUR*

Starscope 80/900mm refractor telescope with EQ3-1 mount & tripod
199,00 EUR*

Starscope 90/900 mm refractor telescoope with equatorial mount
129,00 EUR*

TS Starscope Refractor 90/900mm telescope Optical Tube
79,00 EUR*

Newtonian 76/700mm telescope for beginners, for age 8+
159,00 EUR*

Newtonian 114/900mm EQ2-2 complete telescope for Beginners 8+
189,00 EUR*

TS Starscope 130EQ - 130/650mm beginner telescope with equatorial mount and tripod
198,00 EUR*

Newtonian 150/1400mm on Mount EQ3-1 Beginner Telescope with much accessories
 -TS Spektive Spotting Scopes  
109,00 EUR*

TS Voyager2 - 38-114 x 70mm Maksutov Spotting Scope
39,00 EUR*

A handy solar scope with 10x magnification
instead 359,00 EUR
only 323,00 EUR*

Celestron LCM 80 Goto Refractor Telescope 80/900mm - for beginner
instead 545,00 EUR
only 489,99 EUR*

OFFER Celestron GoTo Refraktor Teleskop 102/660mm - 2" focuser
instead 369,00 EUR
only 299,00 EUR*

Celestron LCM 114 - 114/1000mm Newtonian GoTo Telescope
instead 495,00 EUR
only 411,00 EUR*

Celestron NexStar 130SLT - 130/650mm Newton Goto Telescope
instead 69,00 EUR
only 55,00 EUR*

Celestron Firstscope 76 - 76/300mm Beginner Dobsonian Telescope
 GSO Guan Sheng Optical  
398,00 EUR*

GSO 6" F/5 Newtonian Telescope on Skywatcher EQ3 mount
299,00 EUR*

Meade ETX 80 AT-TC - 80mm f/5 GoTo Refractor Telescope
499,00 EUR*

Meade ETX90 Maksutov Cassegrain 90mm f/13,8 GoTo Telescope with case
199,99 EUR*

Orion compact Dobsonian 114/450mm StarBlast 4.5 - parabolic
279,99 EUR*

Orion StarBlast 6 Astro Telescope - Travel Dobsonian 6" Aperture
59,00 EUR*

Pentaflex 60/700 mm refractor with travel case
69,00 EUR*

Pentaflex TelMic - complete Telescope and Microscope - OFFER
99,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Astrolux 3" 76mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope
instead 105,00 EUR
only 99,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Mercury-707 AZ2 / complete beginner's telescope
249,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage 114 Virtuoso - 114/500mm Newtonian with Auto Tracking
149,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Mercury-705 EQ1 - 70/500mm Refractor Telescope
instead 219,00 EUR
only 199,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Explorer-130 on EQ2 - 130/900mm Newton Telescope
449,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Startravel-102 Synscan - 102/500mm GoTo Telescope
249,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage 90 Virtuoso - 90mm Maksutov with Auto Tracking
449,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Skymax-102 / GoTo Maksutov telescope 102/1300mm
instead 575,00 EUR
only 546,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Skymax 127 EQ3 - 127/1500mm Maksutov Telescope
instead 119,00 EUR
only 109,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage-100P - 100mm / 4" f4 Tabletop Dobsonian Telescope
instead 199,00 EUR
only 189,00 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage 130P FlexTube Dobson - 6years +

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